Outsourced Fleet Management

One of the largest expenses your business will see is your company’s fleet. Sourcing, acquiring, maintaining and managing your fleet is a costly and crucial aspect of your business. And one that you need to get right.

Our range of fleet management contract options for small, medium & growing companies:

Full Maintenance Lease (FML) is the most comprehensive fleet management solution at an agreed rental for the use of specifically selected vehicles over a set period of time and distance. In terms of this all-inclusive, hassle-free contract, we source, procure & deliver the vehicles & bear all ownership risk & maintenance costs.

Operating Lease (OPL) is a hybrid leasing solution in which specifically selected vehicles are used at an agreed rental over a set period of time and distance. CCOutsourcing takes back the fleet at the end of the contract period, so the client faces no disposal risk. Maintenance and service costs, however, are the client’s responsibility.

Managed Maintenance (MM) is a solution that offers operator-owned fleets a proactive vehicle maintenance cost management service. The costs of servicing and repairs are strictly monitored and controlled. This option can be utilized in conjunction with an OPL, or as a standalone product.